Call for Papers

With the unprecedented and continuous rise of Asian the 21st century, the global
dynamics have changed altogether. The phenomenon, of course, is intriguing, and
invites a closer examination of the reasons explaining it, its implications and
impact in order to take maximum advantage of the opportunity that the ‘ASIAN
CENTURY’ presents. ELLTA Conference 2014 invites perspectives and insights on
‘leadership’ and `learning’ in the ‘Asian Century` – analyzing not only the
past and present, but also anticipating the future of leadership and learning
in/ for Asia.

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Keywords of Conference

  • Leadership & Learning
  • Contextual Relevance
  • Past, Present & Future




ELLTA 2014, like
its previous offerings, will have a heavy emphasis on conference publications,
including Special Issues for top class, international, refereed journals and
edited books.The journals and publishers associated for the last two offerings
include, for instance:

  • Leadership, Sage
  • Globalizations, Taylor
    & Francis
  • Asia Pacific
    Journal of Education,Taylor & Francis
  • Asian
    Business & Management,Palgrave Macmillan
  • The Learning
    Organization, Emerald
  • International
    Journal of Learning and Change, Inderscience


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Programme Features

ELLTA envisages conferences as spaces for meaningful interactions and networking (as a means to engage with the community of scholars). The schedule, therefore, offers a variety of innovative sessions that are interactive and provide social spaces for talk, networking,socializing, discussing, debating, extending ideas, synthesizing, meeting up with people you want to meet:

  • Connectovation
  • Knowledge Café’
  • Interactive Panel Discussions
  • Collaborative Research Workshops
  • Book-a-talk
  • Invite-an-audience
  • Cultural Night/ Dinner
  • City tour
  • Keynotes and Parallel paper sessions








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Sub themes

  • The ‘Asian Century’– Key debates and dilemmas
  • Drivers of the ‘Asian Century’ – technology, economy, local knowledge, Asian values?
  • What counts as the competitive edge in the Asian Century
  • Learning and Leadership in Asian Century
  • Technologies for Researchers and Educationists
  • Future scenarios of Asian leadership
  • Learning agenda for the Asian Century
  • Future educational scenarios for/ in Asia
  • Asia’s role in peace, prosperity and sustainability in the region
  • Knowledge/ Educational Tourism



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ELLTA acknowledges and recognizes the significance of collaboration – create synergy, alignment and integration – for enhancing outreach and strengthening individual and mutual impact. Therefore, ELLTA is quite keen to collaborate for this purpose. The collaboration may take different forms – e.g.

  • Knowledge Networking
  • Best Paper Award 
  • Event-Specific Sponsorship









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ELLTA has an inclusive focus, not an exclusive one – in that it is keen to ensure that voices and perspectives from and about Asia (and against hegemony of universal claims about knowledge) are widely recognized and spread. All such venues become a natural alliance and extension of ELLTA’s work. See the list of similar events, especially, taking place around the same dates so as to maximize the benefit for ELLTA participants










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Submission & Registration

The Conference 2014 invites submissions against the following categories:

  • Papers (submit abstracts)
  • Symposia (submit proposal/ concept note)
  • Workshops (submit proposal, inclusive of outline)

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Register for the Conference

By September 15, 2015 (to get the Early Bird) Registration Closes: October 15, 2014

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