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ELLTA 2017 (in Partnership with AIT, Bangkok) will take place in Bangkok (July 25 – 27, 2017). Read more..

ELLTA Photo Essay is now live.


ELLTA is about Leadership and Learning in Asia. Its core purpose is to explore, recognize, strengthen, and promote theories in Asia in the broader domain of leadership and learning. It responds to the need to examine/ challenge generalizations related to learning and leadership across cultures and geographical boundaries, between East and West, but of course also between Eastern contexts.

The core questions that ELLTA is concerned about are:

  • Are the west-inspired theories on leadership and learning relevant for Asia in general and different contexts in Asia in particular?
  • Is there a need to develop theories specific for Asia in general and different contexts in Asia in particular?
  • Are there existing theories on leadership and learning with an Asian origin, which have not received much attention or have not been acknowledged so far?

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… I feel like everything I am and I have achieved in life is thanks to my country of origin and this conference will be a great opportunity to honour my country…

could you please indicate me if it would be possible to be listed as Colombian instead of as Australian and include my country on this reference map?

Ms Jackie Yepez

Ms Jackie YepezCountry Manager - Australia

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