ELLTA Conference 2017

Conference Sponsorship: Levels and Benefits

The current document portrays the sponsorships possibilities for ELLTA Conference 2017.

Why SPONSOR the 4th International ELLTA Conference

  • The 1st ELLTA International Conference attracted scholars, educational leaders from 40+ countries, whereas, the latest one inspired participation from 60+ countries)
  • A very significant venue for sponsors to showcase a wide variety of products and services to a very diverse, international audience
  • The conference website is accessed from all parts of the world (sometimes, by 50+ countries in a day even)
  • The conference secretariat targets relevant audience (e.g. sends personalized/ individualized emails to scholars or connects through social media).


Expected Attendees/ Participants

Learning designers and specialists, Deans Research and Innovation, Social Scientists, Government Officials, Knowledge/Education Entrepreneurs, Education and Management Consultants, Technology Solution Providers, Educationists and Educators, Corporate/ Political/ Educational Leaders, PhD students, University Faculty, others.

Knowledge Partners/ Sponsors

Knowledge Partners/ Sponsors, after AIT and ELLTA, would receive maximum acknowledgement as key partners throughout the conference development and marketing process. KPT Sponsor will be entitled to

  • Recognition as key partner on the conference website, e-mail communication, social media and on-site marketing
  • Recognition on print materials, such as conference programme book, conference report and conference bag
  • One page advertisement in the conference programme book
  • Promotional material in the conference bag
  • On-site exhibit display opportunity
  • 3-minute slot at the inaugural or closing session to address the gathering
  • Complementary conference registrations for 5 persons

The cost of sponsorship is 10,000 USD.

Note: The partnership space is limited to 3 Partners only.

Event Partners/ Sponsors

The following events are available for sponsorship:

The sponsor will be entitled for:

  • Signage during this EVENT only
  • One complementary booth at the conference to display organization’s/ company’s products
  • Recognition of the sponsorship on the conference website
  • One complementary registration for the conference
  • One page advertisement in the conference programme book
  • Promotional material in the conference bag

The cost of sponsorship is 5000 USD.

Note: One space for such sponsorship is available.

Activity Partners/ Sponsors

Conference Program Book Advertisement (USD 1,000 for half-page and USD 1,500 for full-page)

The conference programme book, which may include the conference schedule, will be distributed as a hard copy to the conference participants. The conference program book is extensively used not only during the conference days by all participants but it is also kept as a reference document (as it contains participants’ abstracts).


Promotional Item Distribution (USD 500)

You can use the opportunity to distribute your promotional materials (through prior sharing and approval by the organizers) at the conference. This is a Big Opportunity to approach key scholars across the globe.


Rent of a booth @ 300 USD per day.