Prof. Konai Helu Thaman

Prof. Konai Helu Thaman

University of the South Pacific, Fiji

Professor of Pacific Education and Culture

School of Education, Faculty of Arts and Law University of the South Pacific, Fiji

UNESCO Chair in Teacher Education and Culture

  • Current teaching and research interests are in indigenous education and culturally inclusive teaching, curriculum and research
  • Currently involved with other colleagues in documenting Pacific indigenous educational ideas and pedagogies, and developing Pacific frameworks and methodologies for research
  • Researched and published in the areas of curriculum development, indigenous knowledge systems, culturally democratic teacher education and sustainable development
  • Member of several international organisations including, The Joint ILO/UNESCO Committee of Experts on the Recommendation Concerning the Status of Teachers and Higher Education Personnel (CEART)
  • Fellow of the Asia Pacific Centre for Innovations in Education & Development (APEID)
  • Oceanin vice-chair for the IUCN Commission on Education & Communication
  • Enjoys writing poetry and 5 collections of her poems have been published