Prof. Wu Zongjie

Prof. Wu Zongjie Zongjie

Zhejiang University, China

Professor of Discourse, Culture and Education

Director of Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies

School of International Studies

Zhejiang University, China

  • His work is also associated with the Centre of Contemporary Chinese Discourse Studies, and Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage Studies
  • His research in education seeks to promote the cross-cultural understanding of language education through combining historical, ethnographic, philosophical, and linguistic approaches to pedagogical discourse
  • His commitment to the Chinese heritage studies for cross-cultural interpretation has resulted in fresh and innovative thinking about the way how traditional Chinese culture and knowledge could be properly represented and interpreted in the modern world
  • A common thread that runs through his work is the philosophical perspective on the relationships of being (life), knowing and naming (representation) in the context of cultural dialogue between the East and West
  • His grass-rooted ethnographic projects on Dongwushan Heritage Village and Shuitingmen Cultural Heritage and Memory have received great attention from academia, local government, and Chinese media
  • He has been invited to lecture both in China and across the world.
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