ELLTA 2011 - Conference Publication: Are Theories Universal


ELLTA Conference Book 2011

Edited By Anders Örtenblad, Ibrahim Ahmad Bajunid, Muhammad Babur & Roshni Kumari
Published by Yayasan Ilmuwan

  • Muhammad Babur, Co-editor
  • Ibrahim Ahmad Bajunid, Co-editor
  • Brian J. Caldwell, Australia
  • Ching Leen Chiam, Singapore
  • Ricardo Chiva, Spain
  • Jagdeep Chhokar, India
  • Ruth Hayhoe, Canada
  • Antonio Grandio, Spain
  • Roshni Kumari, Co-editor
  • Shantha Liyange, Australia
  • Pak Tee Ng, Singapore
  • Anders Örtenblad, Sweden
  • Narcisa Paredes-Canilao, Philippines
  • Martin Parker
  • Kabini Sanga, Fiji
  • Yusus Sidani, Lebnan
  • Nadeem Omar Tarar, Pakistan
  • Peter G. Taylor, Singapore
  • Ethel Agnes Valenzuela, Philippines
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The publications that follow the ELLTA Conferences provide an important venue for disseminating the Asian perspectives to a wider audience. ELLTA has thus extended opportunities and venues for scholarly publication. These publications are based on the contributions presented at the conference as well as those of our International Advisory Board members. We appreciate the efforts and contributions of the Editors and Authors.

The publications, for instance, include

  • Special Issues in prominent international, peer reviewed journals
  • Edited books, and
  • Conference abstract books

The following publications have emerged as an outcome of the previous ELLTA Conferences:

Catalog of all Books Published in ELLTA Conferences.

ELLTA 2012 Publication - Asia Pacific Journal of Education


Learning in Asia

Asia Pacific Journal of Education, Taylor & Francis, Vol. 32, No. 2, June 2012
Guest Editors:
Anders Örtenblad, Muhammad Babur & Roshni Kumari


ELLTA 2014 - Conference Publication: Educational Leadership and Leadership Education in Asia


‘Educational Leadership and Leadership Education in Asia’

Edited By
Jamaliah Abdul-Hamid & Narcisa Paredes Canilao

Series Editors:
Ibrahim Ahmad Bajunid, Muhammad Babur & Roshni Kumari

Published by the University of Philippines (UP) Press