Ideas Festival: Collaborative Research Projects

Ideas Festival: Collaborative Research Projects

Synthesizing ELLTA Event, ‘Ideas Festival: Collaborative Research Projects’ 

ELLTA recently organised a Knowledge Event (July 10, 2015) to reflect on, synthesize and extend collaborations among ELLTA Community members in relation to promoting scholarly work in Asia. In this regard, the dominant ‘forms’ of collaboration among ELLTA Community, as indicated by participants, are listed below. 

Nature of Collaborations so far: ·

  • Putting together Edited Book – collaborating with series editors and authors·
  • Writing together/ contributing to edited books·
  • Providing local hospitality/ facilitating local travel, communication or coordination·
  • Post-Doc Fellowship (Supervisor-Supervisee relationship)·
  • Other Fellowships/ Visiting Faculty or Scholars (e.g. Endeavors Award)·
  • Collaborative research projects (cross-country collaboration)·
  • Inviting as Research participants·
  • Travelling together for academic events (sharing resources/ companionship)

Please join hands in promoting collaboration for scholarship in Asia through exploring Leadership and Learning Theories in Asia (the main agenda of ELLTA)!

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